Frequently Asked Questions at Beach Medical

Yes, we do. However, it is best to call ahead and book an appointment, so you have a minimal wait time.

We can Rx for any appetite suppressant. If our client has a specific medication that has worked well for them in the past, we can schedule a consultation and review our services so we can figure out a weight loss plan tailored to their needs.

We can see patients in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. If the client has been to us previously, we can possibly see them as a follow up patient, but it depends on which state they have moved to.

We would love to have you back at our clinic! Your information is already on file and after 60 days our clients are considered a restart. This is a fresh start, and we can’t wait to see you again.

There is no appointment required to purchase our supplements. We have them in our lobby, so you’re able to grab them & go!

We currently accept FSA, HSA, and Care Credit. You can use RX at pharmacy and off site labs. We do not process individual insurance claims, but we hope to offer other options in the future.

The B12 injections include B6, B12, Methionine, Choline, and Inositol. This helps with boosting energy and metabolism, while also detoxing the liver.

The Skinny Injections are our B12 Lipotropic Injections that help with energy detoxing the liver (fat emulsification) and metabolism.

Botox and Dysport run from $10-$12 per unit and each area of the face requires a different number of units. Dermal Fillers start at $550 per syringe and can range based on the filler that is used.

Our process for Hormone Replacement Therapy goes as follows:

We would schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation with you, walk through the process, and discuss pricing options, which depend on the hormones needed. After this evaluation, we would schedule you to come in to get your blood drawn.

There are several Hormone Replacement Therapy options, and you can discuss with the provider to figure out which option is best for you.

The three items needed for E-Visits are an automatic blood pressure cuff, digital scale, and a $25 deposit which is applied to the visit cost.

B12 Lipo can be shipped to your door for $125 per package. The package will contain 10 shots.

Appointments can be booked by directly calling each clinic or booked online at